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Word-Finder: Scrabble Solutions & Cheats for Word Games.

Enter your letters in the search box, and Word-Finder tells you every word you can spell and how many points each are worth. Our word solver helps you win Scrabble, Wordle, Words with Friends, Wordscapes, and hundreds of other word games.

How Word-Finder Works:

  1. Enter your letters into the search box.
  2. Use advanced tools that let you position letters in the front, middle or end of a word.
  3. After you enter your letters, the Word Finder AI unscrambles your letters and matches them against every word in the English Dictionary.
  4. Word-Finder then matches your letters for winning Scrabble cheat words.
  5. The Scrabble helper presents each word by length and highest scoring answer.
  6. Bonus: Click on any word to get its definition.

Use our Word Unscrambler to Help Win:

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You can install Word Finder on your smartphone, tablet, or even on your desktop, so it can always be just one click away! Be ready for your next match: install the Word-Finder app now!

Who Are We?

WordFinder is a labor of love - designed by people who love word games! We have fun with all of them but Scrabble, Words with Friends, and Wordle are our favorites (and with our word helper, we are tough to beat)!

Is It Cheating To Use Word-Finder?

Nope. We don’t think so. These games aren’t spelling-bees after all (if they were, they wouldn’t be called Scrabble or Wordle or, you name it… Afterall!). Word games are very challenging even when you know how to spell every word in the dictionary. To win, players must understand the board, their opponent, and how each game works before making any word choice & move… Having an instinct about how to win is where the real challenge lies. It’s any player’s choice to play a game like Scrabble for the strategy, or to add the complexity of spelling to the challenge. We suggest you always discuss the use of word finder tools with your opponent, so that you are both competing with equal advantage. For us though, using word cheats helps move the game along. We focus on the strategy and don’t try to win the spelling bee.

How do Scrabble word cheat tools help you focus on strategy?

Everyone’s brain is different. Some people are great at memorizing words and how they are spelt, and some people aren’t. By using tools like Word-Finder, everyone can compete with a level playing field! Good spellers can find a great game playing against poor spellers and vice-versa. Each competitor must focus on game strategy to win. We think that’s much more fun. Word-Finder can’t help you strategize which word to play next because it can’t see your Scrabble board. When you think about your word options in games like Scrabble, or Words With Friends, you will make decisions far more challenging than just how to spell a word. And that is where we see the challenge. That is why we don’t think word solvers are cheating – they just level the playing field!

Tips and Strategy For Playing Wordle

You may be new to the word puzzle game Wordle, so here are some tips for beginners. You might want to begin with a word with several vowels, such as "adieu" or "audio." This strategy will increase your success rate. Wordle is not timed, so you can take as long as you like to get to your answer. Try looking up word frequency charts on YouTube or Reddit to improve your vocabulary with potential winning words.

Another tip for Wordle is to share your current results with other Wordle players. The social sharing features on Wordle allow you to post the results of your Wordle puzzle without giving away the solution. To share your Wordle results with others, you can copy the green or yellow squares and paste them into your social media posts. Then, get some tips from your friends!

While playing Wordle, you should remember that your first guess is often the most important. Therefore, applying linguistics and strategy is best when generating that first guess. The most common letters in the English language are E, A, and T. Avoid using the least common letters, such as Q, T, and Z, as they can complicate the problem.

If you have trouble figuring out your next Wordle guess, you can cheat and use this Word-Finder website to get the right word!

Scrabble Basics

Players can score points horizontally and vertically by forming two or more interlocking words. When all players have no tiles left, the winner is the player with the most points. The game was invented in 1938 by Alfred Butts, who based the tile values on the frequency of letters in the New York Times.

Why Play Scrabble?

The easy answer is because it’s fun! Scrabble is great for parties, holiday celebrations, and other gatherings. But Scrabble has other benefits as well: The game is proven to improve vocabulary and English! It also helps kids improve basic math skills since each tile carries a certain number of points. Kids learn how to multiply each tile's points with their box value. Playing also reduces stress, which is detrimental to a person's health and happiness. Play Scrabble once a day to keep the Doctor away!

And Scrabble is challenging. While word creation is an essential aspect of this game, players must think about their opponents' letters and block them from building their own words. As a result, Scrabble players can develop their skills every day, which can benefit their long-term and overall strategic thinking in the game and in the real world.

As an added bonus, a regular game of Scrabble can also help develop and improve long-term memory. Lots of good reasons to play!

Tips For Playing Scrabble

  1. One of the best tips for Scrabble is to leave high-point tiles alone for 20 to 30 points, this will give you the advantage of pulling a high-value number,
  2. The value of short words is more than you might think. Short words are an excellent strategy, particularly later in the game when spaces are sparse, and longer words aren't as easy to place. In addition, short words can form double words, adding 50 points to your overall score. You should learn a few two-letter words that can help in many situations.
  3. You can improve your skills by practicing on your own. You can find many practice tools on the internet and also read books about the game.
  4. Prefixes and suffixes are useful in creating new words in a pinch. If you can, put them on the right side of your Scrabble rack. This way, you can squeeze in more points from your words.
  5. Use Word-Finder.mobi!

How To Use The WordFinder Scrabble Cheat Tool

Word Finder is the fastest Scrabble cheat tool online or on your phone. It can help you wipe out the competition in hundreds of word games like Scrabble, Words with Friends, Wordle. Our word solver tool helps you answer the question: "what words can I make with these letters?"

Use word cheats to find every possible word from the letters you input into the word search box. Type in the letters you want to use, and our word solver will show you all the possible words you can make from the letters in your hand. Advanced: You can also limit the number of letters you want to use.

How the Word Finder Works:

  1. Enter your letters
  2. Enter the number of letters (length) you want in the word answer
  3. Choose if the word answer needs to start with or end with any specific letter – or if it needs to contain a certain letter. Then press the “Submit” button.
  4. After you enter your letters, the Word Finder AI unscrambles your letters and matches them against every word in the English dictionary.
  5. It then matches your letters for winning Scrabble cheat words.
  6. The Scrabble helper then sorts each word by length and highest scoring answer.
  7. Bonus: Click on any word to get its definition.

How does our word generator work? The Word Finder Scrabble dictionary is based on a large, open source, word list with over 270,000 English words. In fractions of a second, our word finder algorithm scans the entire dictionary for words that match the letters you've entered. It picks out all the words that work and returns them for you to make your choices (and win)!

Install Word-Finder on your Phone:

You can install Word Finder in your smarphone, tablet or even on your PC desktop so that is always just one click away.

Be ready for your next match: install the Word Finder app now!

WordFinder is a labor of love - designed by people who love word games! We have fun with all of them but Scrabble, Words with Friends, and Wordle are our favorites (and with our word helper, we are tough to beat)! So, if all else fails... use our app and wipe out your opponents!

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