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4 Pics 1 Word Level 2127 Answer is SEA

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Answer for this level is: "SEA"

SEA: a great expanse of water [n -S]

More definitions:

  • (n.) The ocean; the whole body of the salt water which covers a large part of the globe.
  • (n.) A great brazen laver in the temple at Jerusalem;
  • so called from its size.
  • acorn () An acorn barnacle (Balanus).
  • adder () The European fifteen
  • spined stickleback (Gasterosteus spinachia);
  • called also bismore.
  • ape () The thrasher shark.
  • ape () The sea otter.
  • arrow () A squid of the genus Ommastrephes. See Squid.
  • bank () The seashore.
  • bank () A bank or mole to defend against the sea.
  • barrow () A sea purse.
  • bat () See Batfish (a).
  • bean () Same as Florida bean.
  • bear () Any fur seal. See under Fur.
  • bear () The white bear.
  • bird () Any swimming bird frequenting the sea; a sea fowl.
  • boy () A boy employed on shipboard.
  • breach () A breaking or overflow of a bank or a dike by the sea.
  • brief () Same as Sea letter.
  • bug () A chiton.
  • butterfly () A pteropod.
  • calf () The common seal.
  • captain () The captain of a vessel that sails upon the sea.
  • catfish () Alt. of Sea cat
  • cat () The wolf fish.
  • cob () The black
  • backed gull.
  • cock () The black
  • bellied plover.
  • colewort () Sea cabbage.
  • compass () The mariner's compass. See under Compass.
  • coot () A scoter duck.
  • cow () The mantee.
  • cow () The dugong.
  • cow () The walrus.
  • crawfish () Alt. of Sea crayfish
  • crow () The chough.
  • crow () The cormorant.
  • crow () The skua.
  • crow () The razorbill.
  • crow () The coot.
  • dace () The European sea perch.
  • daffodil () A European amarylidaceous plant (Pancratium maritimum).
  • devil () The angler.
  • dog () The dogfish.
  • dog () The common seal.
  • dog () An old sailor; a salt.
  • dotterel () The turnstone.
  • dragon () The pegasus.
  • drake () The pewit gull.
  • eagle () The eagle ray. See under Ray.
  • eel () The conger eel.
  • egg () A sea urchin.
  • feather () Any gorgonian which branches in a plumelike form.
  • fennel () Samphire.
  • fern () Any gorgonian which branches like a fern.
  • fight () An engagement between ships at sea; a naval battle.
  • foam () Foam of sea water.
  • foam () Meerschaum;
  • called also sea froth.
  • fox () The thrasher shark. See Thrasher.
  • gherkin () Alt. of Sea girkin
  • girkin () Any small holothurian resembling in form a gherkin.
  • goose () A phalarope.
  • grape () The gulf weed. See under Gulf.
  • grape () The clusters of gelatinous egg capsules of a squid (Loligo).
  • grass () Eelgrass.
  • green () The green color of sea water.
  • gudgeon () The European black goby (Gobius niger).
  • gull () Any gull living on the seacoast.
  • hare () Any tectibranchiate mollusk of the genus Aplysia. See Aplysia.
  • hawk () A jager gull.
  • hedgehog () A sea urchin.
  • hen () the common guillemot;
  • applied also to various other sea birds.
  • hog () The porpoise.
  • holly () An evergeen seashore plant (Eryngium maritimum). See Eryngium.
  • holm () A small uninhabited island.
  • holm () Sea holly.
  • horse () The walrus.
  • horse () Any fish of the genus Hippocampus.
  • hulver () Sea holly.
  • kale () See under Kale.
  • king () One of the leaders among the Norsemen who passed their lives in roving the seas in search of plunder and adventures; a Norse pirate chief. See the Note under Viking.
  • lamprey () The common lamprey.
  • language () The peculiar language or phraseology of seamen; sailor's cant.
  • lark () The rock pipit (Anthus obscurus).
  • lawyer () The gray snapper. See under Snapper.
  • letter () The customary certificate of national character which neutral merchant vessels are bound to carry in time of war; a passport for a vessel and cargo.
  • level () The level of the surface of the sea; any surface on the same level with the sea.
  • lily () A crinoid.
  • loach () The three
  • bearded rockling. See Rockling.
  • mantis () A squilla.
  • marge () Land which borders on the sea; the seashore.
  • mat () Any bryozoan of the genus Flustra or allied genera which form frondlike corals.
  • maw () The sea mew.
  • mew () A gull; the mew.
  • mile () A geographical mile. See Mile.
  • monster () Any large sea animal.
  • moss () Any branched marine bryozoan resembling moss.
  • mouse () The dunlin.
  • needle () See Garfish (a).
  • onion () The officinal squill. See Squill.
  • ooze () Same as Sea mud.
  • orange () A large American holothurian (Lophothuria Fabricii) having a bright orange convex body covered with finely granulated scales. Its expanded tentacles are bright red.
  • owl () The lumpfish.
  • pad () The puffin.
  • pear () A pedunculated ascidian of the genus Boltonia.
  • perch () The cunner.
  • perch () The sea bass.
  • perch () The name is applied also to other species of fishes.
  • pheasant () The pintail duck.
  • piet () See 1st Sea pie.
  • pig () A porpoise or dolphin.
  • pig () A dugong.
  • pigeon () The common guillemot.
  • pike () The garfish.
  • pike () A large serranoid food fish (Centropomus undecimalis) found on both coasts of America;
  • called also robalo.
  • pike () The merluce.
  • pincushion () A sea purse.
  • pincushion () A pentagonal starfish.
  • pink () See Thrift.
  • plover () the black
  • bellied plover.
  • poacher () Alt. of Sea poker
  • poker () The lyrie.
  • pool () A pool of salt water.
  • poppy () The horn poppy. See under Horn.
  • pork () An American compound ascidian (Amoraecium stellatum) which forms large whitish masses resembling salt pork.
  • pudding () Any large holothurian.
  • purslane () See under Purslane.
  • pye () See 1st Sea pie.
  • pyot () See 1st Sea pie.
  • quail () The turnstone.
  • rat () A pirate.
  • rat () The chimaera.
  • raven () The cormorant.
  • reed () The sea
  • sand reed. See under Reed.
  • robber () A pirate; a sea rover.
  • rocket () See under Rocket.
  • salmon () A young pollock.
  • salmon () The spotted squeteague.
  • salmon () See Sea bass (b).
  • sandpiper () The purple sandpiper.
  • sandwort () See Sea chickweed.
  • scorpion () A European sculpin (Cottus scorpius) having the head armed with short spines.
  • scorpion () The scorpene.
  • serpent () Any marine snake. See Sea snake.
  • slater () Any isopod crustacean of the genus Ligia.
  • slug () A holothurian.
  • slug () A nudibranch mollusk.
  • snipe () The bellows fish.
  • spider () Any pycnogonid.
  • squirt () An ascidian. See Illust. under Tunicata.
  • surgeon () A surgeon fish.
  • swallow () The common tern.
  • swallow () The storm petrel.
  • swallow () The gannet.
  • tang () A kind of seaweed; tang; tangle.
  • term () A term used specifically by seamen; a nautical word or phrase.
  • thief () A pirate.
  • thongs () A kind of blackish seaweed (Himanthalia lorea) found on the northern coasts of the Atlantic. It has a thonglike forking process rising from a top
  • shaped base.
  • titling () The rock pipit.
  • toad () A sculpin.
  • toad () A toadfish.
  • toad () The angler.
  • trout () A California sciaenoid fish (Cynoscion nobilis);
  • called also white sea bass.
  • trumpet () Any large marine univalve shell of the genus Triton. See Triton.
  • unicorn () The narwhal.
  • urchin () Any one of numerous species of echinoderms of the order Echinoidea.
  • whip () A gorgonian having a simple stem.
  • widgeon () The scaup duck.
  • widgeon () The pintail duck.
  • willow () A gorgonian coral with long flexible branches.
  • wing () A wing shell (Avicula).
  • withwind () A kind of bindweed (Convolvulus Soldanella) growing on the seacoast of Europe.
  • wolf () The wolf fish.
  • wolf () The European sea perch.
  • wolf () The sea elephant.
  • wolf () A sea lion.
  • woodcock () The bar
  • tailed godwit.
  • wood louse () A sea slater.
  • wormwood () A European species of wormwood (Artemisia maritima) growing by the sea.
  • wrack () See Wrack.

SEA can also be a valid Scrabble word

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